Children’s Stories

Our first short story for children will be published shortly. With children’s books we strive to not pander or speak down to the child. Too much twaddle appears on shelves, and while every child may have a differing reading ability, none of them appreciate being patronized. For a brilliant take on just how much a reader in influenced by authors at a young age, check out Sarah Hoyt’s blog entry on the topic. Currently we have four children in the farmhouse, and they all read a lot. One learned to read at age four, another just started reading at almost seven. Over the years the adults have noted that each child’s individuality comes out in their reading habits.

The universal trait the children share at a young age is a love for anything about animals, and an appreciation for humor. From Dr. Seuss, a perennial favorite in our house, to Skippy Jon Jones, the hilarious read aloud tales about a siamese kitty, the picture books that come off the shelf time and time again use fabulous vocabulary and usually have fun illustrations. For the older readers, mystery, mythology, and fantasy are the bywords of the day. Even with shelves stocked with the classics, trips to the library for the newest books are frequent and much anticipated.

Later this year, we will be publishing a novel that will fall into the young adult category with a young protagonist, and the elements of myth and magic our young ones demand. Also, we wanted it to reflect the elements we loved growing up, as we read endless stories from Louis L’Amour and the Black Stallion alongside Anne McCaffrey’s dragons. The end result, Vulcan’s Kittens, will appeal to both young and old, without a hint of talking down to its readers. Until then, we will be publishing a few short children’s stories for you to enjoy and hopefully read aloud to your own children.