Plant Life

Our fifth story to be available, Plant life is also our longest to date, a science fiction novella inspired by classic stories of exploration and first contact. While writing it, Cedar was inspired by a number of things, one of which was the character of a plant princess in L. Frank Baum’s book Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz. The lovely Art Noveau illustrations in that book were very much on her mind as she describes the birth of the central character in this story. Her creation is warmly human, however, unlike the ‘cold vegetable’ of Baum’s creation.

The other characters in Plant Life are forced to reconsider their definition of humanity as they encounter her, and introduce her to the world beyond her planet. Their own inter-personal relationships change through this experience, until the end of the story when they finally settle down and end their roving ways. We hope you enjoy reading the story as much as we enjoyed creating it.

The cover of Plant life is a fractal design, something we like to use for our science fiction stories, and which seemed particularly appropriate to this one.