Lilania Begley

We would like to welcome a new name to Stonycroft, Lilania Begley! She will be writing romance, mystery, and today we’re revealing her debut effort, Farmhand. This is a novella inspired by a lifetime of reading the likes of Louis L’Amour, Gene Stratton Porter, and WEB Griffin. Complicated mix? Read and find out just how real her characters seem to you! Set in the blue hills of the West, you can read excerpts of it here at Bluehills Romance.

We’re looking forward to the next title, look for it around Christmastime…

Farmhand cover final

The Eternity Symbiote

New release: Short novel


Unknown to humanity, a galactic power struggle surges over the Earth. When an alien delegation suffers a fatal accident, hidden plans unravel around the wreckage in the Alaskan wilderness. Infectious disease expert Gabrielle McGregor discovers the hidden infiltrations, and neither her life, nor her family’s, will ever be the same.

Pixies and Sugar Skulls

We let the release of the short story, Sugar Skull, slip by quietly, so below is the cover icon to click on for purchase. You will be able to take a peek inside before you buy to see if you’ll like Cedar’s sweet horror story.

Also, Pixie Noir is now available for iBooks readers. We are unable to find a direct link, but if you search either the title or Cedar Sanderson, you will find it.

Here is the link for Pixie Noir on Barnes & Nobles, for Nook readers.

Cedar is snippeting Trickster Noir, the sequel for Pixie Noir, on her blog. We hope you enjoy, and we plan to have an official release date for that within two weeks, but unofficially, later in April or Early May.

Pixie Noir is Released!

It’s a day early, but we aren’t complaining. The print copy looks terrific, the e-book is available through Amazon, and will be elsewhere in 7-10 days. Click on the cover icon below to purchase, and let us know what you think after you are done.

Pixie Noir

Warning: this book has been known to suck readers in and consume their time until finished.

‘To those of you who thought there was nothing new worth reading in Fantasy: Cedar Sanderson’s Pixie Noir proves that you are wrong.  The author plainly knows and loves her setting and characters, and this carries through to the reader. The pace picks up throughout, so save this book for a weekend, or you’ll be complaining about a lack of sleep at work. A very good read!’

— Dave Freer, author of The Forlorn, Rats, Bats, and Vats, and many more